Tom is a good uncle, but would his brother approve?

Tom was asked to make his nephew John stop smoking dope.

Tom remembers, age 16, a beach, mist on his brain, the ocean waves rolling.Pockets full of dope, his friend was stopped by a local policeman. It was a small town.

 “Bob, I arrested your son for possession of drugs, to scare him.”

Tom was saved by leaving all the remaining dope to Adam.

“Generosity helps”, he laughed.

John was listening.

“If you stop, you can get some dope when you visit.” Tom came prepared. They smoked that joint together.

John never got in trouble over dope again.


People don’t die of heartbreak, do they?

I dreamt about having sex with Tom. But it was cold, like two technicians following a manual.

Today, I realised that my relationship with Tom was truly over. I no longer remember why I loved him so much. What made me think he was so special? Depending just on the internet chats, seeing him so rarely. My friends never used to understand this. Now, I cannot understand it either.

Maybe I am getting over it. But my throat feels tight and the tears are pooling in my eyes, ready to spill.  Well, people don’t die of a heartbreak, do they?

100 words blog- Life is simpler without love.

Tom is in the gym. His friend John divides the gyms into the ones just for working out ,and the ones to pick up women. This is the second type. No harm in looking.

“Hi, haven’t you had enough? Join us for a latte.”

Long blonde hair. Around 35, very polished. Long red nails.

On closer look, she was more likely 45 than 35. Nice body, good legs.

“Why not, let’s have coffee”.

That night, he had sex for the first time since the split. He felt young and unencumbered. Life without love and without Lucie was simple.


100 words- when he stopped loving me

He left me. I am looking at the rain outside. If I were melodramatic, I would say the weather was matching my sorrow, like when it always rains at funerals in films.

But this is England, it rained a lot when I was happy, too.

I am thinking about Anna Karenina, “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I beg to differ, sadness changed me into a cliché.

My thoughts are clichés, like chapters from those chick lit novels I avoid reading.

Maybe I should start writing them, and make a fortune!

100 words blog from WRA

We have a blog. Every day of the week, one of the writers I know from WRA- Women Reading Aloud group writes a piece of just 100 words.

It is a challenge, especially for a woman of many words, me. This short blog has 126 words!

It teaches me discipline.

I was tweeting my entries, but then a friend told me they cannot be open. It is because other writers wanted the blog to be private. I respect this. But I’d like to share my entries.

So, I will publish them here, too, and would love some feedback. I will only re-blog some of mine.

I wish you could read the brilliant entries of my friends. But you can’t. I can though! It is a privilege.


Female sharia judge- is that feminism? Equal does not mean better.

I follow a brilliant blogger, a Canadian Pakistani woman. Eiynah —


Recently, she pointed this article from Al-Jazeera portraits as victory for feminism.

It is shocking, but not surprising. It is about female judges in Sharia law, happy to sentence people to floggings, beheadings, punishments for breaking religious Islamic laws.

Well, here is what I feel:

Feminism for me is about women being EQUAL, not BETTER.


I do not believe we are any better or worse than men. We can be evil, bigoted, sadistic, violent, dishonest, and many other things. Like men. Not better, not worse.

Look at all those WW2 concentration camp female guards.  Women in many political oppressive regimes always played a role.

Yes, as a woman, sometimes I wish to be able to look at other women with rose tinted glasses and think we are better, gentler, nicer.But no, we are not.

Bad laws and regimes are supported by men and women.

Yes, Islamic societies oppress women, and feminism should play a role in changing that. Of course, a female sharia judge, unless aiming to reform the law- that was not obvious from that Aljazeera article- are as harmful to female equality as male sharia judges.

So, let’s fight oppressive ideologies, regimes, inequality, racism together, men and women.We are all just people. Good and bad.


And thank you Nice Mangoes for those brave, brilliant blog posts.



Should we topple those statues? Maybe it is time.

I have been changing my opinions a lot during the last 30 years.

From the foolish conviction that “my enemies’ enemies are my friends” which made me admire Margaret Thatcher and excusing some vile politicians like Pinochet as “not so bad”, coming from a totalitarian country, I instinctively used to have the opposite opinion to the communist government.

That changed, gradually. Living in England, I listened to other people’s opinions, read various sources, looked at news from other countries. I learnt to use that freedom of being able to do it. It was great. In Prague, I used to listen to Radio Free Europe and Voice of America and BBC World service when it was not scrambled, but now I had more places to get my information. I read assertions and contra assertions, and gradually changed my opinion about a lot of things.

Do you know that silly joke? “Women have cleaner minds, they change them more often”?

Well, maybe my brain is very clean. I think it is a good thing.

I remember in 1995, I visited USA and an American friend showed us Washington DC. There was a road or street named after General Robert E. Lee. I remembered admiring the tolerance of a country that kept memorials of the defeated.

But in the recent years, I changed my mind. I started to think about how it must feel to an African American, a descendant of the slaves. I started thinking how I would feel if I saw memorials to German Nazi generals,men who fought for the country that was responsible for killing tenths of my close relatives in the gas chambers.

There are lots of controversies about statues, Cecil Rhodes, many others…

I am not sure about some. Queen Victoria? Thomas Jefferson? I would probably keep their statues, they did more good than bad. We should not judge previous generations by today’s standards, by today’s standards, Abraham Lincoln would be a racist.

But those Confederate statues were mainly raised much later, in the times when Jim Crowe laws reinforced the terrible racial discrimination still happening in the USA.

And now I read that even General Lee did not want those memorials built.

It is complicated, maybe keeping the statues and putting explanation about the place of these people in history would make a good compromise? But maybe that would not go far enough.

The white supremacist actions recently terrified me. Somehow, they feel they can get away with it now, under president Trump administration.

It is scary.

My heart goes to all those liberal, thoughtful American friends I have, various colours and sexual orientation. Nice, thoughtful, smart people. They must feel the hurt more, because it is happening in their country.

We Europeans are often rather negative about “The Americans”.

Let’s stop, not generalise, support the good majority of people there. Like they always support us.