This is it for my 100 words blog snippets from my sequel.The working title is ” On their Own”

I will not write any more, leaving you in suspense.

Once it gets published, you will find out what will happen.

Will Lucie stay with her safe love- Peter and take on gardening?

Will she go back to waiting for Tom to find time for her?

Will Tom stop working so hard and find the time?

Are you curious? Tough, you have to wait while I am editing it.


You can have fun guessing! You might even drop me a line on Facebook to say what you think.


Tom goes to a book signing,just to say hello


Tom looks at a book store. There she is. Her name. Her picture- Lucie with her wide-open smile.

 “Murder? Just another mathematical problem.”

British physician Lucie Novak claims detective work can’t be very different from medicine, just another diagnosis. Solving medical problems is like solving mathematical ones. The main character is a professor of mathematics.

The charming Dr Novak will be signing her book on Monday.”

Lucie doesn’t even know her timetables. How can she write about mathematics?!

Tom hails a taxi.

He can’t sleep.

At 4 a.m., he decides to see Lucie at the bookstore, just to say hello.



Going on a book tour to New York

bookA shop assistant asked to sign my book. “Shall I tell you who the murderer is?” She laughed more than the lame joke deserved. Am I getting famous?

I will have a book signing in New York.

Peter wanted to come with me.” I’ll look after you.”

I refuse. We will go to Madeira later. Gardener’s paradise.

Peter notices my new waxing. “You could have waited, nobody will see this in America.”

“Of course not, but it makes me feel good.” I reply. I am not completely honest.

Tom lives in NYC. But I won’t see Tom, will I?


I am re-blogging my annual International women’s day blogs,updating

Lucie Muses


Women got more important this year. The #Me too, the women anti-Trump ralleys. So tomorrow is important.

Let me remember 2 years ago.


Well, I think I like it now. There is still lots to do to make women treated equally to men.Even in the UK.

And we should support those women who have much tougher life than we do.

Like those Syrian refugees.

Happy International women’s day, everybody!

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Tom – life is back to normal.


Tom sends emails to people at work.

“I am cured. Expect me back at the office in two weeks.

And you thought you got rid of me, LOL.

Tom “

He feels happy, a normal life can resume.

Dr Salehi asks him where he is going for a holiday to recuperate.

“I am going back to work.”

The doctor smiles. “Omid warned me that you are crazy. Good luck!”

On Monday, Omid and Tom get drunk on a very good Zinfandel.  Lucie’s favourite red. But Lucie is the past, he needs to think about the future.


Lucie is a writer

garden for blog 2My book was published.  It is about a Central European doctor solving mysteries. A younger, sexy Miss Marple.

It is getting good reviews, journalists phone me, I give interviews. It is very exciting. Peter is very proud of me. “Is there anything you can’t do, Lucie?”

“Cycle” I say. We both laugh.

I no longer think of Tom. Where I used to tell Tom about my life, my workouts, books I read, I tell Peter. And it is not on line or on the phone. He is with me, here. His shyness and mumbling are gone.

Loving Peter is easy,


Tom is impatient but it looks good.

“Just couple more tests, Mr. Stone.  Just remember the etymology of the noun patient.”

Then Omid phones.

“I spoke to Farid. I have bad news.”

Tom’s heart sank.

“He says you are driving them all fucking mad. You will be dismissed for bad behaviour. Monday.”

“Omid, you fucking idiot!” but they both chuckle.

“I am so pleased, Tom, it is great news.”

Tom suddenly can’t speak.

“I will fly over and pick you up.”

“I will take a taxi”

“Shut up and do as you’re told. Monday afternoon. Bye! “

When they put the phones down, they both start to cry.