How should I start?

Let me tell you who I am first.

I am Lucie Novák, a Czech woman in my late fifties. I am curious, and I talk a lot. I am a family medical doctor – a GP: the ideal job for a curious woman. People tell me things. And some of the things that they tell me are beyond anything you might imagine. But don’t worry. I won’t be compromising anybody’s confidentiality.

I am also a writer. But this blog is not about my book. For that, I have my website:

This blog will be about the things I am interested in: medicine, books, travel, sex, relationships.

Why should you read it?

Why not?

My younger readers might find out about what their mothers or aunts are really thinking. They may discover that this older woman is much more outrageous and bold than many younger women. And that I am very happy to be so.

The British and Americans might find out about how those Central European people living with them feel about life.

Some patients might learn how to use doctors’ appointments better.

And it is sure to be fun!

Unless you tend to be prudish, my blog might occasionally make you laugh.

Want to try? Then read on. You can always stop reading if it’s not for you.


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