Example from a new blog I am writing with other writers from Women Reading Aloud

Joined a new blog wra100words.wordpress.com
I write ,like the others 100 word piece every week.
My bits are shortened parts of a novel I am planning to write.
What do you think?
Yesterday mummy sent me to my room for eating the cake from the kitchen. But I have a secret weapon. I cry, loudly, for hours. Daddy cannot bear it and stops any of my punishments. The crying isn’t real, like actresses do. When I cannot cry any more, I start thinking about something very sad, like little cute puppies dying. Daddy rescued me after exactly 10 minutes. I still got my dinner. No cake, mummy didn’t allow it. Today the Nazis stopped Jewish children from going to school. I love school. I cried for real. Even cake did not help.
My mummy was stitching pretty yellow stars on all our coats. I asked her why she was doing this. “The bloody Nazis”, she said. I giggled, wow, she was swearing!
Daddy told me it was king David’s star. I like king David, little, but brave. He killed the Goliath. He was clever, like me.
“The Nazis want us to be recognised on the streets as Jews, so we must all wear the yellow star. You should wear it with pride, we are a civilised, ancient, educated tribe.”
Tribe? Like Red Indians? That made me giggle again. But mummy was crying.
It will continue….

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