Wimbledon, and am I too much of a feminist?

So, Wimbledon is over for this year. Wimbledon

I watched both finals with both being only competitive in first set. I also watched the almost hysterical reverence for  Roger Federer by the British media.

Yes, he is a great champion. Yes, he played beautifully. But Greatest of all times? Nope, not in my eyes. That is a comparison difficult to make.

Just watch the You Tube videos of some old matches like this:


Good, ha?

I also feel that we should stop saying that this is the best tennis record – 8th Wimbledon singles title, and 18 grand slam singles titles. Yes, but how about Martina Navratilova with 9 Wimbledon singles titles and also 18th singles grand slam titles?  I just watch her, age 60 in Ladies invitational doubles. She won. Still playing brilliantly. And what about all those women who have more grand slam titles than Roger Federer? Margaret Court 24, Serena Williams 23, Steffi Graff 22, Helen Wills Moody 19.

Isn’t it time that we don’t say “Best tennis player” about a man, but “Best female tennis player” about a woman?

And no, I do not agree with those (lately John McEnroe) saying that if men played women, women would have no chance. It is comparing oranges and apples. Nonsense. We are built differently to men.

But that should not take anything from those brilliant female athletes’ achievement. And while I am ranting, what about the nonsense of using ” Miss” but not “Mr”. Murray to serve, but Miss Hingis to serve ( they just won the mixed doubles championship. Great match, too.)

Am I too feminist? No, I do not think so, but I do believe men and women are different, but equal.

The tennis world need to catch up with this.

Do you agree?




2 thoughts on “Wimbledon, and am I too much of a feminist?

  1. Reblogged this on Write to Inspire and commented:
    I do agree with Lucie, but I would go a step further.

    There is no doubt that my sister, Kim, is the greatest tennins player ever. After all, she beat me when I was about eleven and she would be nine. Neither Roger Federer nor Billie-Jean King has ever beaten me, so Kim is obviously much better than either of them!

    Just saying!

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