Are we re-living the 1930s?

My social media presence seems to be changing. I used to write about sex, writing, and my medical work. Now I am writing more about political issues.

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone to my partner, and I had nothing better to talk about than the xenophobia and racism I see everywhere. We used to talk about love, sex, books we read, stuff like thatNow we talk about how somehow, it feels as if we lived in 1930. And I have been thinking about all that anti-Muslim talk. Recently, whenever I take a taxi, the taxi drivers, most of them of Pakistani origin talk about it. They seem scared, vulnerable.

And I had an idea.

How about if we replaced the word “Muslim” by the word ““Jew”?

Try it. And then think about the choice German people had in the beginning. And how they mainly looked on without doing anything. Are we the same? I am afraid we are.

I am also imagining Putin invading Estonia and Europe and America not doing anything, like we did nothing with Ukraine and Crimea.

Scary, if you ask me!

Maybe I should start writing about sex again. I am editing my book for a re-publish. It might cheer me up.

Enclosing a symbol of Love. Kind of a good ending,  ha?



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