How a musical about shoes and drag queens made me cry

It has been twenty years since I have seen a musical. But I saw one today, in London.


The main reason I went to see it was because the songs were by a singer I like- Cyndi Louper. I like her energy, her quirkiness.

Before I went, I spoke to a friend who saw it before. She said it was a silly musical about shoes, not at all intellectual. “You will most likely not want to see another musical for another twenty years.” she said.

I expected a light, forgettable entertainment, nothing more.

But I got a surprise. It is a strange story of a shoemaker who starts making different type of shoes, high heeled boots for male cross dressers. Apparently, it is a real story, although different to the musical. Here is a link:

The music was OK but not amazing.

But the musical was not about shoes. It was about accepting people like Lola- an outrageous male Drag Queen for what they are. It was about tolerance, and adapting, and changing opinions.

I like that. And very surprisingly, it made me cry. I rarely cry at films or theatre, but I seem to cry at surprising productions. I remember that when I saw the film “Truman show” which was supposed to be a comedy, I started crying and could not stop.

Well, today, I only cried a little.

Some quotes:

“Accept people for what they really are”

“You can change the world if you change your opinion!”

Deeper than you might expect in a “silly musical about shoes”, ha?


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