Fact or fiction?

heart-1078771_960_720Do you remember Flaubert’s ” Madame Bovary, c’est moi”?

All writing is autobiographical. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes less so. Often we never know.

Is Junot Diaz book “This is how you lose her” autobiographical? Is “Junior” Junot Diaz? Or is he a complete imaginary character?

When I wrote my first book, I was advised to present it as memoir. Memoir of Lucie Novak. I used the same name for the character as for my pen name to make it more authentic.

Is Lucie me? Yes, and no. The book has many autobiographical features. Most of the characters are real people. Lucie and Tom, the main protagonists, their personalities and some of their stories reflect me and the man I love. The story is different. Some of it is true, some of it is fiction.

It is not my memoir, it is a memoir of Lucie Novak, a woman with my brain and my personality, but her life is different to mine in some aspects. It is a novel based on a memoir. Is mixing true and fiction deceitful? I don’t think so. They say: “All is fair in love and war”. Maybe there is a third one- literature.

I just finished my sequel. It will take some time before I will publish it. It is a draft.Same characters, different story. Story which explores a “What if?”.What if the two characters split up and led separate lives? The working title of my sequel is “On their own”.They are alone, but carrying each other inside. Who knows, they might come together again. My characters have done what I was told book characters do. Have a life of their own, write themselves.

Lucie is still me, but leads a different life, makes different decisions. Tom’s life changes, and it is interesting to see where he is going.

It is such fun to write this! I hope it will be fun to read, too.Like this one:





One thought on “Fact or fiction?

  1. I am totally with you on this. My two novels, so far, have been based on cores of true stories. Around nd the, I weave fiction and an element of my own life.
    Readers ask, “How much of this is the true you and how much did you make up?”
    My answer?
    “You are the reader. You decide!”


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