Books disappear in time, let’s try to save the good ones.

How many good books just vanish without a trace, even the famous ones?

I recently read The book Mothers Cry from 1929 by Helen Grace Carlisle.

I reads it in Czech, years ago, I read this book several times, and now I wanted to read it in English.

This book was an international bestseller, they made a film, too.

Now it is gone. Eventually, I got a worn copy, yellow pages, printed in 1945 from ABE books on line.

The book is as amazing as I remembered. A tragic story of an uneducated simple young woman in New York in the first 40 years of 20th century.

A story of a woman who does everything right, she is a good daughter, wife and mother, but that does not stop her life going wrong.

Her husband dies, one of her son becomes a gangster, and kills his sister.  He is executed. She persuades her other son, a successful architect to disappear and not admit this is his family, to save his career. He doesn’t want to do that, but she makes him. She is poor and worked very hard all her life.

It is a story of a woman who is shy and quiet, but incredibly brave. There are millions of women like this and I admire them. I am a bold, confident woman, and I am not a coward. But would I be capable of such bravery and sacrifice? I doubt it.

Very sad book, I never cry with books, but I did cry with this one.  But despite that, the heroine said at the end (quote):


“And I thought how there were so many things in life. There was betrayal and disease and murder, and there was devotion and love and pity. And I did not want to die. No, I couldn’t understand and I thought how nobody understands and that is why it is so wonderful. And I had my struggle and I had my suffering and I was rich with struggle and rich with suffering for I was rich with life “

Seems sentimental, but there is nothing sentimental about that book.

I saw a friend who seems resigned to be old, and not have any excitement in life. She said “I wouldn’t mind dying. She is probably depressed.

So I thought about the times when I am stressed and sleep deprived, but I love my life, and I do not feel old, or resigned, and I do not want to die for a long time.

If you can find the book in a library, read it. It is fantastic! Don’t let it vanish.





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