Skiing makes me happy and easier to live with, but is it better than sex?

20160319_120308 (3)

Is skiing really as good as good sex?

Well, the jury is still out on that. Of course, I never got injured having sex. Skiing is another matter, broken thumbs dislocated elbow, several knee injuries, two concussions, last one last year with a broken nose added as a bonus.

When I arrived in Austria, I bought a new skiing helmet, the other one lived through those concussions and many falls. They say you should change helmet after each bad fall, so although am now determined to ski carefully, I bought it just in case. Of course, if I keep to the careful skiing, it was a waste of money.

Still, skiing, the speed, the fresh air, making short fast turns, the tips of my skies always facing down the hill, never sideways is exhilarating. I feel graceful and free.

On top of that, the snow covered spikey mountains are very beautiful.

So when I am skiing like this morning, on the steep freshly prepared piste, in sunshine, I would pick skiing over anything.

My problem is that I have never been able to compare sex and skiing properly. I usually ski with friends, not lovers.

I am here with a very good female friend. Eva is smart, fun to talk to. We disagree on many political issues, the migrant crisis, Israeli politics, life style, but we respect the right of the other to her opinions and we never argue.

Well, we do argue, all the time, but there is no hostility or malice. I remember those lectures I have on my iPad about “The History of Argument”. The author, an American university professor, talked about argument being not the negative aspect people believe it to be. That a true proper argument is possible only among people who are open to other opinions, and are willing to listen and possibly even change their opinion. So with Eva, it works. Fortunately, neither of us is committing the sin of presenting opinions as facts.

I am having a great time.

During the day, we ski, talk on the lifts and in the mountain chalet restaurants, and in the evening, we both sit with our laptops in the room, and don’t really talk any more.

I write emails, chat to various people, look at the news, Eva plays scrabble on her computer.

We are comfortable in silence.

Being here made me realise that there is a beauty in being able to be quiet with somebody, just occasionally exchange a sentence. The silence is friendly, not awkward.

And it made me wonder if I could and should do it more when I see my partner, a man I love but don’t get to see enough. When I do see him, there is never much silence. I am a woman of many words, and there are so many things I want to talk to him about…

Well. Maybe next time, I will try to shut up a bit… Famous last words. LOL

Maybe he should come skiing with me. Maybe skiing makes me easier to live with.


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