Another radio interview.


So here you are:

After my interview with the lovely C.K. Webb was jinxed by her illness, my technological problems, and then the snow storms in the US in January, it finally happened today.

Exciting and scary. You can have a listen if you click the above link.

The soundtrack is slightly muddled occasionally, plus that Czech accent of mine! It gets worse when I am nervous. Doing a transatlantic interview over Skype, not ideal. The recording is a bit clunky. Or is it “clanky”?


I am not sure if the listeners even understood my reading. We’ll see.

The broadcaster was kind, nice, enthusiastic. She was well prepared and even knew my blog!

Now I can go back to my sequel writing.

I think it will be ready for editing in about a month. I should really stop having so much fun and get to the work. I should start treating the writing as a job. I enjoy the writing, but of course, the editing will the hard work. I am a woman of many words. I have to get rid of many of them!

It is really difficult, but necessary. I need to cut cut cut, till it is all neat and less verbose.

I have already arranged it with Cling Street Publishing, and their editing will help me to make it even neater and smaller.

I will ask them to be brutal!

So now I am curious. will listening to this interview make people also more curious to read my book?

Let’s hope so!



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