Is my interview jinxed? Probably.

So I was supposed to stay up till 1 am to have my interview.Three hours before, I had a text on my mobile from the hostess CK Webb.

It said:

 “I’ve got no internet for the second day in a row!!! No show and I only have my cell until it’s fixed…so sorry Lucie…”

The thing is, maybe this is a sign.

CK Webb interviewed me once before in 2014, and she was lovely. She wanted to do it again in December, but she got taken to hospital. Next date I could not get through so it was cancelled, this is the third time.

I am a non-believer, but maybe some unknown God or Goddess doesn’t want me to be interviewed till I finish my sequel.

I am having a great time skiing,and no injuries this year- remember my broken nose last February?

Then having drinks with lovely German friends of my Czech school friend who lives here and my German is quickly getting less rusty. Might even improve my French tomorrow, my friend is taking me with her to a French conversation class. The teacher is baking a cake-some special French one Galette.

Jazz concert in the evening.

Life of a pensioner is good. I am having fun.

2016-01-20 15.15.01

Yes, I would have liked having that interview, and it is getting a bit embarrassing, as I tweeted about it.

Well, I will get over my embarrassment, always do. And it is not my fault anyway.




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