My interview re-scheduled I hope you will be curious enough to listen

So my interview was rescheduled. Thursday 21st January 17.00 CST. 

So after all those nerves, my interview planned for earlier this month did not happen.

I could not get through to the radio hostess CK Webb on the phone. I suppose Alabama is far from London, and one of the phone lines decided it was too far. I kept getting a very muddled sound of a voicemail.

Don’t ask me what happened.

When I called CK Webb mobile, the show was already cancelled. I must say, she dealt with it admirably.

But this time, instead of hearing only her cultivated perfect talking about my book and elegant explanation that the show was cancelled, you will hear me.

Probably stammering a bit, with my Czech accent, and then reading slightly abbreviated first two chapters of my book.

The show is non scripted, so I do not know the questions.

But I might talk about the publishing, my battle with keeping my identity private, and about my sequel.

We’ll see, or rather hear.

I do hope you will listen.CK Webb interviewed me in summer 2014, just after my book was published, and she was lovely, made me at ease, and she said some really kind things.

So I am really looking forward to it.

This Thursday 21st January at 17.00 CST USA time, that is 23.00 In London and midnight in the Alps where I am skiing at the moment! Instead of picture me skiing, I am attaching a picture from the local carnival/Totally irrelevant, I know. but maybe those witches will wish me luck this time!

20160117_135728 (1)

and no, no skiing injuries so far.

Here is the link:

book blog


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