Christmas and New Year’s eve,was it worth the hassle? Yes it was.

silvestr PragueSo Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over.

Did I stay relaxed in the time closer to the day? Nope. I got my annual panic.  When a supermarket shop assistant asked me how I was, I replied: “Stressed, I am cancelling Christmas next year.” I said it with a smile, so she thought I was joking. Was I? Nope. Seems that no matter how much I try, I cannot avoid Christmas preparations getting to me.

But in the end, it was nice. Of course, I made too much food, bought too many presents, wrapped them in my usual messy style- lots of sellotape.

And then I relaxed, enjoyed my family, put on weight, skipped my exercise routine…. well, I’ll get back on track.



I started writing again, too. And the more I write the more I realise that although I want my books to be read and enjoyed, it is not the main reason for my writing. Putting my thoughts on computer is fun.  (I almost typed “on paper” but nobody, including myself can read my handwriting).

New Year’s Eve

or “Silvestr” , as we Czechs call it,  has always been important for me. Maybe it is because ever since I was 13, I always celebrated ” Silvestr” with a skiing group in the mountains, and not with my parents. We had a party, and we were all allowed to stay up till midnight. Very exciting when you are  a young teenager.

So a party with friends on that day was always one of the nicest days in the year.

40 years ago, I met my husband on New Years’ Eve. Of course, we are divorced now. But most of those 40 years were good. And we managed that oxymoron, an amicable divorce.

In the past two years, there was no party. I had just one visitor, my lover.

And I can see no better way of celebrating this day than a lazy evening, talking, drinking wine, making love last time in the old year and first time in the new year. Going for a walk on New Year’s Day. It was raining, but we still did it.

What will 2016 be like?

Will I finish my second book?

Will I stay healthy?

Will I do something good, something which will change somebody’s life?

Will the world become a more accepting, nicer place?

 Well, we’ll see, won’t we?

 Happy 2016!







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