I do not do ” Christmas funk” any more, but we might starve.

So it is Christmas again.

Praha Christmas

Do you remember my last year’s Christmas blog? 


I decided not to stress so much, and it worked. This year, I perfected the art of ” I don’t care, let’s just enjoy a disorganised Christmas” even more.

This year, I have not been fretting and shopping at all, well, not yet.

Normally I always used to get into my “Christmas funk “as my American partner calls it.

I used to worry about the food shopping, presents, the queues in the shops and traffic, gifts wrapping (I am useless, and when I wrap presents, I look like Mr Bean, covered in sellotape almost as much as my parcels). I got stressed, overworked, invited too many people, and ended up close to tears wishing I would fall asleep and wake up in the spring. Or maybe wishing for my family and friends abandoning me so that I could go skiing and somebody else would make me dinners.

Last year was better, I relaxed, cooked less, and had a nice and quiet Christmas with my adult children. Nobody starved, and everybody was happy with their presents.

I am learning.

Well, this year is different again.

I am no longer working, although I am travelling so much and having so much fun that I wonder how I ever had time to work before! I am enjoying my newly found vision, and have an interesting, fun life.

 As far as Christmas goes, I am so laid back this year that I am horizontal.


I have almost no presents, no food organised and we will most likely have no presents and go hungry. I do have enough red wine, but one of my children is teetotal! I will have some Christmas cookies from Prague.

Like these:

My close ones are the same. One does not have the flight home fixed yet, the other always buys the tree on Christmas Eve, and I don’t have a clue what I am doing on New Year’s eve and Day. I’d like to visit my partner in America , but he does not know yet if he will be there! He might be somewhere on business!

But does it give me palpitations like in the past? Nope!

I am slowly learning to relax, and make “game time plans”, to use one of many sports’ metaphors of my American man.

 And yes, it might all end up a complete disaster, but you know what?  I doubt it.

I think we will be happy to be together, have more than enough food, and lots of fun.

As my wise children said when I asked them what they want for Christmas: “A mother who is not stressed ” Well, they are getting one this year, probably covered in sellotape.

I wish you all a very nice Christmas, and a wonderful interesting 2016.

And NOT interesting in the sense of that infamous Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”  








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