Internet shopping ,earrings and gadgets

I have got gadgets crazy lately.

20151205_160822 20151205_14515920151205_14515220151205_145151

They are all my favourite colour, red.

My new self-opening bin and two electric Salt and pepper shakers need 16 batteries! I wonder if I have been affected by a mysterious illness developed by Duracell? Batteritis?


I also have too many earrings in various shapes and sizes. I counted the earrings I bought on Etsy this year- a staggering 20 pairs!

20151205_163226 20151205_163422-1

It is all the fault of Groupon? They send me those emails with offers of things I never knew existed. I look, hesitate, look again, and hit the “Buy now” button.

I have never been a shopper, in fact, I hate shopping and avoid shopping malls like the plague. Unlike most of women I know, I have a ‘hunter’, not a ‘gatherer’ attitude to shops. I go in, look quickly, if I like something, I try it on; if it fits, I buy it, not looking at anything else. If I do not see anything I like at a single glance, I leave the shop. I am sure I often miss something I would like, but it is fast. I like fast.

But I suppose shopping on line is fast, very.

But why do I buy stuff on line impulsively? My kitchen bin and old salt and pepper shakers were perfectly adequate if not exciting.

Is it the ease of pressing the button? The fact that Groupon and Amazon and Etsy store my credit card details, so I do not have to fill anything in? Yes, undoubtedly.

But it is not just that.

It is also my curiosity. Will it work? How? What will my family and friends say? How will I look in earrings shaped like musical instruments, or stack of books?

Of course, I KNOW what the family and friends will say:  “You are bonkers! “

But you know what? I am having fun.

Wearing different earrings every day, opening my new bin just by waving my hand in front of it- It’s magic! Pressing the salt shaker, and hear the buzzing of ground salt and see the light directed at my plate.

It could be worse; I could buy expensive clothes or gamble.

And when my English friends run out of topics of conversation after discussing the weather at length, they can talk about their Czech gadget mad friend with the self-opening and closing rubbish bin.

And if somebody asks me: “Why did you get this?”

I will say: “Why not, it is fun!”




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