Am I turning into a social media addicted freak so late in my life?!!!

keyboard for blogSo I am retired, and recovering from my nose operation. I am at home, should have lots of time.

I have started proof reading and correcting those mistakes in my book (the publisher will correct them for free), and I should write.

book blog

I would like to…The trouble is, I don’t.

Of course, it is my fault, but I have become totally taken over by social media.

And it could be worse.

I have been neglecting Twitter and Facebook, I only concentrate on Goodreads and my personal communications.

But even that is too much.

Let’s look at it:

WhatsApp: I communicate with several family and friends, exchanging irrelevant short chatty notes. It is fun.

Should not take much time, but you’ll be for blog 23-06-2015 12-19-21


All those reviews, friend’s updates, Literary Fiction group discussion groups. I am much less active than the others- how do they find the time to do this, work, and be with their families? My children have flown the nest, and I no longer work, and I find it too time consuming, although interesting.

Chats on Google:

I always complain that the man I love does not have time for me. He lives in America and works too much. Yet, lately we chat a lot, mainly when he is on a plane. I love Internet enabled planes. And I love him. But yesterday, he was on a long flight, and the conversation took more than 4 hours. 4 hours where I should have been doing something else. Well, that does not happen very often…


I love receiving and getting emails, and I correspond with many people. Sometimes I cheat and cut and paste bits, editing it carefully. I make and keep friends easily, a gift I appreciate. I have the habit of replying to emails the same day, sometimes the same hour.

One of my friends, Ales, wrote:

“I reply to your email after 2 weeks, and ‘Bing’, your reply arrives for me to write again!”

And my partner claims he loves my emails, but would love them less if he had to reply to them all. Well, I am starting to sympathise. Maybe I should try NOT to reply to emails that quickly, give myself and the others some space and time.

WordPress blogs:

I have been neglecting those nice blogs of people who follow mine, feeling guilty. I wonder if they feel the same.

Twitter: @WritingLucie

Totally neglected, do not have time to read the tweets, and I am sure I am missing a lot.

Facebook: Lucie Novák – Writer


Both totally neglected

And then there is the Internet: News, articles, websites…

And not to forget, I am a crazy tennis fan– lots of grass court tennis on TV.


Am I turning into a social media addicted freak so late in my life?!!!


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