Nobody wants to be an interesting medical case.

Just when I thought I was going to enjoy my retirement, I had a septoplasty.

Wow! It might be true that doctors should experience common operations and conditions.

It hurts, much more than the skiing injury that caused the septum to deviate last February. Of course, the injury did not hurt immediately- I had a slight concussion and do not remember the fall.

I look more like a monster than after the fall, and I am back to those facial ice packs.

After surgery (General anaesthetic) the ENT surgeon came and said it was “very very bad” .They had to remove sharp broken bones.

Then he grinned and said “Very bad, but very interesting”.

Nobody wants to be an interesting medical case. 


Well, I am slowly recovering. At one point, I thought maybe I am turning into an elephant. Do you remember that wonderful Kipling story?

I love “Just so Stories”

So I am wondering if they have crocodile surgeons helping in the ENT departments. But nope, transporting those crocodiles to England would be too extravagant for the National Health Service.

after my skiing accident in February

Enclosing my nose and the old picture with my ice pack. WIN_20150618_100820

My partner just wrote when I sent him a photo with me swollen nose:

“Yeah. You do look horrible.  LOL Going to slow down a bit on the slopes?”

 I suppose I should think about that on my next skiing trip. But I like the speed…

Skiing fast, like my writing and my sex life is “in line with my personality”. And although I now think sex is just a bit more exciting ( and I never insured myself skiing), the jury is still out. Despite my book.!book/cjg9

Sometimes, my family and friends despair of me. I don’t blame them, do you? 



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