Easter traditions and how I am glad I am no longer part of the Czech ones.

V46-711254 - © - Mary C. LeggwhipEaster egg 2Of course, we all know that the Christians cleverly took over and adapted pagan holidays and changed them.

In my opinion, they did not manage to change those pagan customs enough in Central Europe.

Easter Monday means hordes of young boys and men walking around with birches made of willow, decorated by ribbons, and looking for female victims to spank them.

Hard to believe? Google it!

The spanking is not supposed to hurt, but it often does. The girl or woman is supposed to be grateful for the spanking – allegedly being spanked in the spring by fresh willow branches brings vigour and fertility. So as a reward, the boys get either decorated Ester eggs or chocolate ones.

In Moravia- the Eastern part of what is now Czech Republic and in Slovakia, the men get plum brandy or other alcoholic drink. After visiting several households, those men are often drunk which can make the spanking too enthusiastic and painful.

One of my friends from Brno told me she often ended up with welts.“Why did you let them do it?” I asked “It is a custom, they would get offended”.


In Slovakia, instead of spanking, women get thrown buckets of cold water on them, in exchange for eggs and alcohol.

Once, visiting Slovak relatives for Easter, I was rather surprised to look out of the window and see young men, dressed in suits, carrying aluminium buckets full of water.A friend told me that the women had several change of clothes ready.

Easter weather in that part of the world can bring frost and snow.

Call me a spoilsport, but I think those habits are barbaric.

The Easter eggs are beautiful, I admit that. The rest is not.

There might be some young women who enjoy the attention- the more young men want to spank you, the more popular you are.

But nope, it is not for me, never was.

Fortunately, Prague is a big city. People do not do this much, just in the family.

And my family being Jewish, they celebrated Easter differently. No, not Passover, or any other religious way.

My parents spread around chocolate eggs round the apartment or garden, and let me look for them. It started with my mother shouting” Wow, I think I saw a bunny running and he dropped something!”So we looked if the Easter Bunny dropped something. He always dropped chocolate eggs or little chocolate rabbits and chicks.

I think this might be a German custom.

Well, call me unpatriotic, I prefer that.


4 thoughts on “Easter traditions and how I am glad I am no longer part of the Czech ones.

  1. Ha ha it could be funny but it really isn’t. Your families custom is very similar to Easter Egg hunts here in the US the chocolate eggs that is. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I can see why some women, especially in Central Europe might like Easter to be abolished. 🙂

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  2. Maybe they should propose to change roles and the women be the ones who get the chocolate and the alcohol and the men the beatings. I’m sure it would end soon enough… Although I’m with you that the eggs are beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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