Literature is important, but life matters more.

I noticed articles about Robin Rinaldi’s “The Wild Oats Project: One Woman’s Midlife Quest for Passion at Any Cost”.

The reason I find it interesting is that it mirrors my experience. I think it is an interesting story – different and similar to my book.

Lucie, the heroine of my book- is it me? You might never know- was not married, and the permission of her partner Tom was more heartfelt- he has voyeuristic tendencies “his dark side”.He was involved “hands on” in Lucie’s adventures.

Robin Rinaldi did it on her own with a permission, but no other involvement of her husband. Her book got very successful, but it seems she paid for it by losing her marriage.

Was it her Wild Oats journey that broke her marriage or was it the publicity?

 My book is so far not as successful as hers.

I had several amazon reviews and other interviews and reviews. People liked my book. The combination of the slightly exotic communist youth, emigration, the transformation from a shy woman to somebody sexually experienced and confident, the voyeurism of the main male character, the internet dating…and in all, it is also a love story. Plus although I never thought I had a sense of humour, a lot of people found it funny.

However the main obstacle to success as I am being told is my anonymity.

 It seems that as people like Robin set precedents and taboos are broken, editors (and readers) are now looking for authors like me to go on-the-record for topics like this.

But there is a glitch.

I do not think I am ready to do that. By protecting my real identity, I am also protecting the identity of some people I love, people that are more important for me that the success of my book.

Relationships are much more important. Literature is important, but life matters more.


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