Prague-like Kafka’s books the same and not the same.

This is one of the newer things in Prague, a constantly changing silver shiny head of Kafka. My family grave is close to Kafka’s, in the Prague Jewish cemetery. I like his dark humur although I constantly argue about that. I think his books are funny as well as sad, but a lot of friends do not seem to see that.

What do you think?

Trial, Metamorphosis, Castle ? In my opinion, a lot of dark humour in all of them. his book, like this statue are not still, The meaning changes depending on the reader. I am going home tonight.I had a good time. I left Prague in 1986, but it still feels like home. I’ll be back soon.

Kafka's head in Prague


2 thoughts on “Prague-like Kafka’s books the same and not the same.

  1. i liked metamorphisis*sp, what i got out of it was, when he worked in the bank and helped them with money so they didnt have to work etc, everything was fine, hunky dory. turning into a bug i think symbolises him being a writer that isnt making any money and now the bug(author) is expendable , a nuisance. i started the trial i should finish it. try the castle.


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