Am I too old for skiing?

Maybe. I love skiing, used to be a competitive slalom skier and I still love the speed.

However, I had my share of injuries in the recent decade. A concussion, dislocated elbow, knee injuries, broken thumb.
My ex husband told me that I ski like when I was 25 and I am twice the age and twice the weight. Unkind? Maybe. True? Possibly.
My new partner, a kinder, but occasionally sarcastic New Yorker said that I should stop skiing so fast or stop skiing at all.

Am I listening? I thought I was.
But on the second day of my current skiing trip to Austria, when I thought I was skiing “ like an old lady”, my friend found me with bloodied face, slightly confused. Apparently my main worry was that I am skiing without a valid ski-pas- not true. At least even when concussed, I am an honest woman.
I do not remember any of the conversation or how I skied down after the fall.

I look rather terrible. My partner commented that actresses pay a lot of money for Botox to get lips like that, my nose is swollen, I have a black eye.

The funny thing is, none of my friends was surprised, they all think I am bonkers.

My partner wrote in a letter to my friend who sent him a picture.:
“No surprise here and just another Lucie’s skiing trip isn’t it?   The warning that something like this would happen came yesterday during our chat when she mentioned that she skied much too slowly and that it was a bit boring.  Well today was no doubt much more exciting!.  The “benefit” of this is that the injury seems to be relatively minor and perhaps boring skiing will be ok for the rest of the trip.  One can only dream! “

Well, I am skiing slower, and did not have any more falls. My brain was only confused for ten minutes. Maybe I lost some brain cells. Nobody will most likely notice.

Am I too old for skiing? Nope. Skiing is too much fun to stop. But maybe my fast black run days are over.
What a sad thought!
So I will have a glass of red wine, and plan my next skiing trip.
To the horror of all around.



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