Last Chance to See

It is always a pleasure to find out about somebody writing interesting things about travelling.
And I already know some of your writing, Lance. Good luck in all you are doing. You seem a very nice person, although you insist my book is Erotica ( it ain’t) .

Write to Inspire

Last Chance to See is the title of a wonderful book by the late Douglas Adams. It is not Science Fiction. It is his account of his travels around the globe to observe some of the planet’s most endangered species. It also contains liberal smatterings of his customary humour.

But today, I am borrowing the title of his book to tell my followers that today is your very last chance to see the Kindle edition my anthology, When Pleasure Blooms, on a free offer. This offer will never be repeated.

What have you got to lose? Download for free today, so that you don’t need to pay in the future. But when you eventually read it, I would really appreciate your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

You can click on the menu item in my blog header to find out more about this book

I’d also be…

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