Talking to your doctor about sex.

Yes, you can talk to your doctor about sex, and who knows, it might help.

As some of you know from my website and my book, I LIKE sex. I think it is an important part of our lives, and not just because of reproduction.

So I try to make it easier for my patients. I ask open questions.

“These tablets can sometimes cause problems with erection, and if they do, I can give you something else…”

“Some women can get a bit dry and sore with sex, and there are lots of things that can help.”

“Sometimes people don’t enjoy sex in the beginning, or after having a baby. If that happens and you want to talk about it, please do.”

 I also try to make people at ease in examination.

Those women who tell me about their gynaecological problems, breast lumps or piles, but who are very reluctant to take their clothes off.

The men who tell me they found a lump on their testicle, but sit fully dressed, reluctant to show me.

So I say “I know, this is not a very dignified position, but don’t worry, I am a doctor and I have seen all this before!”

But sometimes, people tell me things.

Things they found embarrassing or painful. They usually throw in a little taster, and observe my reaction. When I do not seem shocked or embarrassed, some more information comes out.  And questions, often preceded by the patients saying: “This is embarrassing” or “This is most likely a stupid question”.

NO, it is not.

You are talking to a woman who had her first orgasm after 34 years of marriage. A woman who no longer thinks skiing is more exciting than sex. A woman who likes oral sex, various positions and speeds. A woman who likes breaking taboos and who does not embarrass easily. I even wrote a book about it.

It is quite likely that your doctor is similar. We don’t get shocked or outraged easily.

And a good doctor is not judgemental.

If your doctor is- move on and find somebody you can talk to about any medical or psychological or sexual problem.

Just don’t talk about the weather (not to me, anyway).


4 thoughts on “Talking to your doctor about sex.

  1. I can’t imagine my lovely female doctor getting up to half of the things that you confess to in your book, Lucie! Although I’d like to. But she is by far the easiest doctor to speak to that I have ever met. She makes me feel totally comfortable, and I could speak to her about anything and even show her anything too.


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