Ten simple tips to prepare for the flu season- no guarantee of course that you won’t get the flu anyway!

It is simple, and complicated at the same time.

If you had complete control of your life, you could avoid the flu much easier. But of course, none of us has that.

So here are some tips, marked as:easily achieved – A, trickier B, Almost impossible C

1 Get a flu jab- if you are not in the “at risk group”, entitled to have the Flu jab on the NHS, you can always pay for it in a larger pharmacy. A lot of them provide this service. This is an A- easily achieved.

Don’t smoke– smokers are more prone to respiratory infections

3 Exercise– unless you over do it, makes you stronger.

Eat healthily. Shed that extra fat. – Obesity makes you prone to infections. All the above are of course between B and C for most people. Eating more vitamin C enriched food is easy, stopping smoking and get fitter does not happen overnight. You can always plan for the Flu season 2015/2016

5 Avoid crowds when there is already an epidemic. This is a C, almost impossible for most of us. You can avoid going to theatre or cinema, but how about all those commuters on public transport

6 Try NOT to see your GP unless it is really important- GP waiting rooms are places full of germs. So are A&E waiting rooms. I am a GP, only about 20% of my daily patients REALLY need to see a doctor.

7 Have safe sex. No, I do not mean the obvious condoms unless you are with your long term partner. I mean that passionate kissing of a person who is very hot in more than one sense- feverish and pausing the kisses for sneezing and coughing. The postponed sex till she/he gets better will be even more exciting. In the meantime, stick to making her/him cups of tea.

8 Take supplements you can try Echinacea, Zinc and other Flu and Cold prevention remedies. I am sceptical. Whoever finds a cure for the flu or even common cold will get Nobel Prize for medicine. It won’t be me.

9 Wash your hands more than usually, try avoid touching handles in places where thousands of people, some of them sick touched before. Try not to touch your nose, eyes, mouth.

10 Move temporarily to the Southern hemisphere – that, I suspect, is a C.

Their Flu season, like other seasons is not at the same time.

And an extra one:

Keep your sense of humour. That helps in any situation- even if you get the flu.



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