More 100 words, more Egypt ( shortened excerpts from my sequel)


David was touching me like a blind man, using his hands because he cannot see. But his eyes were open, looking for my reaction.

He might be a snobbish racist idiot, but that felt good.

Tom would probably say: “See, ultimate sex without love, you don’t even like this man”. But then Tom disappeared from my brain, and I came under David’s mouth and fingers.

Later, thinking about Tom hurt less. I no longer thought: “I wish I could write to Tom about this”. Talking to David was easier than I thought. I was planning to see him again in London.



100 words blog – does Tom need somebody to need him?


Tom is back in New York.

He is not sure when he is going to see Alexandra again.

The nice thing about Alexandra – she will not ask him about next meetings.

The annoying thing about Alexandra – she will not ask him about next meetings.

Tom should be pleased. They both work a lot. He goes to California once a month, or Alexandra comes to New York. No guilt.

“Win win situation,” thinks Tom.

Lucie kept asking him for meetings, it made him feel guilty.

A voice in his head tells him; “Lucie loved you”. He chases it away.


Another 100 words blog -Egypt 2

Egypt 2

He looked as if he wanted to kill me. But then David whispered:

“I’d like to fuck you to a better mood”. The posh way he pronounced the word “fuck” made it seem somehow less rude.

This could be my first ever casual sex with a stranger, not like on the Secret Liaisons web site. I packed a box of condoms “Just in case “.

So, instead of pretending I was offended, I smiled. “Do you think we’d cheer up if I took you to my room?”

“Let’s try”, said David.

Maybe I could fuck his racism out of him.

Another 100 words blog Lucie is travelling with a British group to Egypt

EgyptDavid was handsome.

One evening, he wanted to pay for my drink, but not my meal. Complicated paying arrangements he would never dare to request in England. The waiter did not understand. “Thick as a brick”, David said.

Tom claimed the British were racist. “Americans are, too, but at least they are aware of it. “

I don’t have Tom’s sarcastic wit. I tried.

“Egyptians don’t grasp half generosity, the gentleman paying just half of the lady’s bill. “

Rude rather than witty. He paid his bill and mine. I tried to stop him. “Don’t you dare!”, he said.

Tom used to be involved in planning these things with Maria or Lucie, but Alexandra is different.

male extra

Tom is a voyeur.

He rang the bell.

A tall man with triangular torso opened the door.

Alexandra was dancing with another man, her red hair contrasting with his ebony skin, short dress hiked up. No panties.

She winked at Tom.

Tom felt a pang of jealousy. Of course, that was always part of the excitement, but it bothered him that they started without him.

He sat down, watching three naked bodies, white and black, moving with fluid graceful elegance. Alexandra was having a good time.

“This is great !” he was telling himself, but was it really?

He felt left out.


Tom is a good uncle, but would his brother approve?

Tom was asked to make his nephew John stop smoking dope.

Tom remembers, age 16, a beach, mist on his brain, the ocean waves rolling.Pockets full of dope, his friend was stopped by a local policeman. It was a small town.

 “Bob, I arrested your son for possession of drugs, to scare him.”

Tom was saved by leaving all the remaining dope to Adam.

“Generosity helps”, he laughed.

John was listening.

“If you stop, you can get some dope when you visit.” Tom came prepared. They smoked that joint together.

John never got in trouble over dope again.